Hello! My name is Jan, and together with Vendula and Vlasta, we are working on a puzzle game Omnibullet. Our team formed while at university about three years ago, and we are fully independent, working on the game in our spare time. Omnibullet is a puzzle game that started as a tower defence, which is still fairly obvious from the overall look of the game.

On this blog I (and maybe my teammates) will write about interesting aspects of the game development, design and other topics.

What is the game about?

You play as an employee of a company that manufactures single-use kinetic batteries. Nobody wants a flat single-use battery, so your job it to charge them. And what better way to provide kinetic energy is there than to shoot them with a comically oversized bullet? So you design a tower configuration that delivers enough bullet energy to the battery as they pass through your factory floor.

There are a few towers you can use:

  • Bullet tower, that shoots the bullets
  • Energy tower gives bullets more energy - up to a point
  • Bend tower, which can turn the direction in which the bullets fly
  • A tower that splits one bullet into three
  • A tower that merges three bullets into one
  • and a few more

Your task is being complicated by the lack of care by the upper management, so you are starved for resources and floor space, have no coworkers (have they been fired? were they never hired? who knows!) and, in general, just an afterthought of the corporate machinery. Don’t expect to be paid on time, or ever. But at least the hours are flexible.

See you in the next devlog!