Hello! Not many people end up here, consider yourself a part of an exclusive club.

What is Omnibullet?

It is a logic game, made by Arbitrary Combination. It was initially supposed to be a tower defence, but over time it evolved and turned into a pure logic game. The only thing that remains are the towers and waves, but otherwise the similarity is superficial. The goal of the game is to charge batteries that arrive on conveyor belts, using a system of towers. Only one tower shoots bullets, remaining towers do something with the bullets, like changing their direction, raising their energy, splitting them, fusing them, etc. You can build some pretty complex things with it. The whole game is on a rectangular grid, time ticks in beats, everything is deterministic. We suspect that it is Turing complete, but the proof is elusive.

Like in other logic games, you have undo and redo. But we went a bit further and added a whole timeline, so you can jump around the timeline as if it was a video (sort of, going back will still undo your work, which video usually does not do). Speaking of media players, the whole soundtrack is generated by what is going on in the game - each bullet interaction has its own distinctive (and configurable!) sound. Some levels are even made in a way that the best solution also sounds the best.

Where can I get Omnibullet?

The game is not out yet, but you can check out our demo on Steam and wishlist the game, while you are there! It really helps.

If you are not on Steam, we are also on itch.io.

The game is currently only for Windows, but we are planning a Linux build. We may consider a macOS build if the demand is high, but Apple does not make it easy on small hobby developers. Please let us know if you would be interested in Linux or macOS version, knowing how many people are waiting for it will definitely hurry things up.

We are very vaguely considering iOS and Android versions, but no promises. Again, let us know if that is something you would be interested in.

Who is Arbitrary Combination?

It is us three! Honza, Venda and Vlasta, in no particular order. The name Arbitrary Combination is just how we call our gamedev efforts. We have met and started working on Omnibullet in spring of 2021, while studying at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic (ahoj!). Omnibullet started as a course project, but it has grown a lot since then. We are not even students anymore - we’re all successfully graduated.

These days we are working on Omnibullet in our spare time. The progress might be slow, you might not hear about us much, but that is because we are dedicating our time to work on the game instead of marketing (which, to be honest, is not as much fun as making the game).

How can I contact you?

If you just want to ask anything, give your your feedback or just chat about whatever, join our Discord server! We are very happy for every single person that joins. It is a chill and safe place. If you don’t feel like speaking publicly there, you can PM us individually.

Otherwise you can direct your business inquiries to <o>.game@gmail.com (replace <o> with the name of the game, no spam please).